About Us

We introduced Vendors Advocacy to the Victorian market back in 2000. The model for our business is based upon many overseas models whereby the agent does not act for both parties in the sale and purchase transaction.

If thought through clearly the idea of having one person acting for both parties is somewhat biased and can form the basis of a conflict of interest.

Whose side of the transaction is the agent working on ? The seller or the buyer ? Well the seller pays the agent, but often the buyer benefits from the association of the agent being able to act and manipulate both sides of the transaction.

ASPC act for the seller. The Vendor. In all our considerations the Vendor is our client and the decisions and recommendations we make are provided on the basis that the Vendors interests are paramount.

Naturally we have nothing against buyers ! As long as they have the money to purchase the property we have for sale at a level that is acceptable and that the conditions of the Contract of Sale fall within our clients requirements.

The Property Advocates recommended by your Solicitor and Professional Advisor

You may never have seen an advertisement about ASPC. That is because all our business is reffered to us from professional organisations. Our client satisfaction rates has been consistently in the 94% plus range since our inception. That has provided us with not just excellent feedback from the clients we represent but also the professional organisations that reffered us the client originally. We accept that if a client is not satisfied with our services, their professional referring body will be reluctant to continue to refer clients to us. And so it should be.

The organisations that refer to us vary, but to give you an example of the type of clients we look after here is a brief description;

  • General Vendors Advocacy – Clients that wish to sell any type of property for any reason.
  • Specialised Buyer Advocacy – Searching for and buying properties for clients with special needs
  • Executors – Clients that have the resonsibility of selling a property on behalf of an Estate that may or may not have a number of beneficeries.
  • Retirees – Clients who are downsizing to a Retirement Lifestyle Property and require the assistance of an advocate to oversee the sale process.
  • Ex-Pats – Clients who live overseas or interstate who require someone” on the ground ” to arrange the sale of a property and provide feedback and advice to the client on market conditions with recommendations.
  • Aged Care Clientele – Whereby a property needs to be sold in order to fund a client to make the transition from the family home to an assisted living or Aged Care facility.
  • Family Law Property Sales – Property that needs to be sold due to relationship breakdowns.
  • Bankruptcy – Property that needs to be sold as a result of financial reasons.