Family Law Property Mediation

Our specialist Consultants are trained in the bringing together of parties that are in dispute over property matters.

Over the past 10 years we have mediated hundreds of property transactions that have seen all parties in dispute reach a satisfactory result.

Whether it be co-executors in dispute, families, spouse or commercial clients, we have the expertise to bring all parties to the table to resolve conflict in a non-aggressive and consultative manner.

We have private meeting rooms available for these discussions and our Consultants chair the agenda between all parties including the client’s Solicitors.

The process is designed to provide rational and calm advice for all parties, so that moving from dispute to resolution is done in a professional and understanding way.

All disputes can be resolved, it’s the way they are resolved is what is important.

Our Consultants are trained to be unbiased in their approach to the matter in dispute, but work toward a fair and rational outcome for all parties.

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