Negotiating Commissions

This is possibly one of the most difficult parts of selecting an agent. We have all heard the expression “You get what you pay for”. Well it’s true with almost every goods or services you buy.

So it is with Real Estate. We have heard on many occasions ” We were able to negotiate a really cheap commission ” that well may be, but ask the question ” Who have you hired to sell perhaps your most valuable asset ?”

We can also get you the cheapest agent.

The importance of this part of the agent selection comes back to, who have you hired.

There are good agents and there are ineffectual agents, there are top line negotiators and there are poor negotiators. The difference between selecting the cheapest agent and an agent that may charge slightly higher, can be the difference of $1000’s of dollars to the end sale result of your home.

ASPC by undertaking a stringent selection process, want the best agent, not the cheapest.

Whilst we undertake this selection process we will divulge the various commissions and marketing costs that have been submitted to us from the agents we have selected to interview, so that you are aware of the differences within the market place.

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