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Well Placed Care is a service of ASPC Property it is a product that is solely designed to cater for the Seniors community. Many senior clients have a great need to move to Aged Care and the process can be extremely daunting not just for the person moving but the entire family.

Well Placed Care provide a much needed service within our community, working closely with Aged Care facilities, Nursing Homes and for the forever young moving into an Aged Care Facility. Our Aged Care Placement advocate at Well Placed Care, Pauline Healy takes a caring and compassionate view to moving our loved ones to new accommodation or care accommodation.

This transition can be a very emotional and difficult time, our motto of Care, Trust and Patience goes a long way in how we approach these transitional moves.

From the outset we involve the family as much as possible not only for emotional support for the client but so everyone involved in the process of moving understands what we can provide and how we formulate a time frame for the move to take place. It is important for everyone to be involved to avoid, stress and confusion and any misunderstandings.

You’ll find Pauline to be caring and understanding and design the move so that it is a comfortable and stress free as it possibly can be.

Pauline Healy

Pauline Healy heads up our Aged Care division for a no-obligation discussion or for a free brochure on the services we provide contact us on;

Telephone: 0419-327 294