Vendors Advocacy …. How it Works

Vendors Advocacy was designed and introduced by ASPC in early 2000. Our mission statement was to ensure the Vendor was ” protected ” and guided throughout the sale process in an independent and professional manner.

We view advocacy as a formula to ensure that there is clarity and a thorough understanding of the information provided to the Vendor.

We do not always recommend that you sell. We evaluate all the options thoroughly before providing advice to our vendors, so that qualified and clear decisions can be made about what maybe the Vendors primary asset.

Not all Real Estate Agents are the same. This is true also for Vendor Advocates.

There are a number of high profile advocates that apply a level of pressure to the vendor not unlike that of a selling agent who has been engaged to sell their property.

Not all Advocates negotiate in the best interest of the Vendor but use scare tactics to leverage what can be at times poor decisions, particularly in relation to the acceptance of offers and contract conditions.

ASPC has held true to our original concept to provide, independent, non pressured advice that is made clear to all parties before a recommendation to sell is suggested or recommended. After all the property belongs to you.

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